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We provide services for clients directly in Australia, New Zealand and via our associates worldwide. By protecting your intellectual property, you will have peace of mind and be able to focus on the most important thing — developing your business.

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Intellectual property (IP) can set your business apart from the competition in your market(s).

Why protect your intellectual property?

Intellectual property stems from your creativity and innovation and may be found in the solutions you provide for the technical problems and/or market needs that you have identified and/or addressed. In general, intellectual property may be seen as any product of the intellect that has commercial value.

Through direct exploitation or, authorised use by others under contract or agreement, and even sale or transfer, your IP rights have the potential to generate significant return for the investors and key stakeholders of your business and can forge paths to the market place for your products and services instead of any unauthorised copies.

Some examples of intellectual property are:

  • the underlying functionality that differentiates your products and services
  • your reputation in trade
  • the get-up, look and feel of your products
  • product designs – the visual appeal and appearance of your goods
  • the know-how that your company thrives on
  • trade secrets
  • original literary or artistic works

Our services

Pini IP provides service and advice to help identify, capture, protect and nurture intellectual property that may reside in your products, services and in some cases, even the way you carry out business or provide your products and services to the market.

Our team

Our practitioners and our worldwide network of associates have the ability to establish and manage patent, trade mark, design and other intellectual property rights (IPR) in Australia and New Zealand and all major countries enabling you to exploit the most commercially significant forms of your intellectual property.

Protecting your rights

When applied for, granted and used with effective strategies, intellectual property rights can prevent others from copying you without your permission.

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